Ladies of Harley

Ladies of Harley (LOH) offers members a special embroidered patch and pin during the first year of membership. Each renewal year, LOH members receive an LOH pin indicating the year of membership. You must be an active female full or associate member of H.O.G.® to be affiliated. Although LOH is free-of-charge to active H.O.G. members, the benefit is not automatic. If you would like to join, please call the H.O.G. office or choose Update Membership Profile from the navigation in the My Membership section to join online.

Harley-Davidson Celebrates Women Riders:

Lilli Czegledi

Ladies of Harley Officer
Rides: Pillion
Phone: 865-406-7142
Ever since I was a young teenager I had the urge to be with bikers. My heart would leap when a “rumbling” of bikes went by and envied the women on the back. (Back in the dark ages before women rode their own). After a divorce my “wild” Side woke up and I got my first 1993 Sportie, only to realize that it looks easier to ride than it was (for me). I followed up by purchasing a small Honda 100, which I could maneuver ok, but I had to look at that Sportie sitting next to it–just didn’t feel right. Well, after laying the Sportie down and going for my second set of motorcycle riding classes, I acquired my license, along with my fears more vividly. So as much as I admire my fellow women riders, I chose to keep the roads safer by being “chauffeured”! I still have the Sportie, to hold for my grandson who has only 12 more years before he can ride!